Volunteer with MEC

MEC has a number of exciting volunteer opportunities for interested individuals. Opportunities to minister to adult men or women, as well as teen-age boys or girls. Volunteers can minister in the jails through Bible studies or worship services, or mentor/disciple released inmates. Potential volunteers are welcome to attend worship services before making a long-term ministry, to make sure God is calling you to it. If you want to inquire about being a volunteer with MEC, review the qualifications for volunteers below, and fill out the personal information requested and then submit.

Qualifications for Volunteers

  1. Have a testimony of faith which in the opinion of the Executive Director or an established volunteer indicates the applicant has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Has been a Christian for no less than one year.
  3. Be an active participant of a local church.
  4. Support the MEC Statement of Faith.
  5. Comply with the volunteer requirements for the particular county facility in which you are interested in ministering (this varies from facility to facility).
Personal Information
Last name:
First name:
Middle initial:
Home phone: - -
Work phone: - -
Cell phone: - -
Birth date: / /
Church currently attending:
Church address:
Pastor's name:
Which statement describes
your ministry experience?
Highly experienced in ministry and will need little or no supervision
Have experience but would benefit from someone who has experience in jail ministry
Some ministry experience but would benefit from training/supervision from experienced person
Little or no experience but interested in learning
Your history:
(Check if it
applies to you)
I have a history of addiction. If yes, describe your current level of stability and how long you have been in recovery.

I have a history of incarceration. If yes, how long have you been out of prison/jail and off paper?
Areas of interest (Check all that apply)
Ministry in jail:
Adult men
Adult women
Mentor released inmates:
Adult men
Adult women
Which county?
Polk, WI

Red Wing MCF

Other Opportunities:

Administrative Help

  Typing speed:

Computer Experience:

Work form office
Work form home

Phone Calling
Bible and literature distribution
Procuring Bible and its donations
Flyer distributions
Special Event Planning and Promotion
Prayer Support for MEC and inmates (able to commit to 1 hour/month)

How often do you want to volunteer? Once per month
Twice per month
Once per week
More than once per week
Days and times you are available:
Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Distance you are willing to drive:
Preference to serve: Groups
Small groups
Large groups
Christian movie nights
Other (please comment below)
Name(s) of partner(s) already
wanting to serve with you:
Previous Experience
Formal training in ministry
(formal training is not necessary):
List prior ministry experience
(teaching Bible studies, etc.):
References with Phone or E-mail
Name 1:
Phone: - -
Relationship to you:
Name 2:
Phone: - -
Relationship to you:
Name 3:
Phone: - -
Relationship to you:
What do you feel you would have to offer inmates?
Please write how you came to know Jesus. Please list 3 scriptures that are important to you. Think about what happened to make them meaningful to you and tell the story or experience of what made it important. You may talk about some struggles and where the Lord met you or helped you with them. This gives us an idea of your spiritual walk and how you would communicate with inmates and will be used as part of the training.
Please tell me what salvation means to you and how you would explain it to someone who you do not know where they are coming from or who does not have a spiritual background.
Please list the names of two people who will pray for your work in this area regularly.
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