MEC Volunteer Reference Form

Qualifications for Volunteers

  1. Have a testimony of faith which in the opinion of the Executive Director or an established volunteer indicates the applicant has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Has been a Christian for no less than one year.
  3. Be an active participant of a local church.
  4. Support the MEC Statement of Faith.
  5. Comply with the volunteer requirements for the particular county facility in which you are interested in ministering (this varies from facility to facility).

Reference Information

Your name:
Your e-mail address: (So we can reply to you if necessary)
Name of MEC volunteer applicant:
Your relationship with applicant?
Pastor Friend Other (explain)
How long have you known the applicant?
How would you describe the applicant’s level of spiritual maturity?
How would you describe the applicant’s spiritual gifts?
Do you think the applicant would be effective in jail ministry & please explain your answer.
Does the applicant demonstrate promptness and reliability in commitments?
Is there reason this is not a good time for this person to be involved in jail ministry or anything you think we should address in training before we have them begin?
If this person decides to volunteer with MEC, would you be willing to commit to praying for them?
Yes No

If so, you will begin to get our periodic newsletter, which is typically sent by email. Please also provide your mailing address for event notifications.

  • USPS contains occasional newsletter and events
  • E-mail includes additional news and testimonies in addition to the newsletter and events
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Volunteer Intercessors are a vital part of jail ministry. If you would like to commit to praying for MEC and Inmate requests for one hour per month, please provide us with your testimony for how you came to Christ. We will begin sending you a monthly prayer letter.

Send me the intercession letter: Yes No

If a staff member of MEC wanted to call you what would be the best number to reach you at?
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