About MEC

Every week MEC puts on approximately 90 services in Twin Cities jails. Every week hundreds of men, women and youth hear about the life-changing grace of Christ that is able to transform their lives in this world and enable them to access eternal life. Yet we could easily be doing more! With more volunteers we could provide services on some units that do not have them and/or support volunteers who would like someone to work with them. We need more volunteers if we are to fill the ministry vacuum that currently exists.

History of MEC

Missionary Evangelism to Corrections started in the late 1970's when Jon Bartosik went into a jail in Hawaii with his brother Rick who was a chaplain there. He realized that the incarcerated men who knew Christ had more freedom in their hearts than he did, and committed his life to Christ. Attending Northwestern College in Roseville he began to volunteer with the juveniles and adults at Lino Lakes' correctional facility.

Jon had transitioned from working with his carpet cleaning business to full time ministry, which was his passion. He had leukemia and was sometimes hospitalized. We never heard him complain. As soon as he was out, he would be back in the jails sharing the gospel with youth and adults. In the late 70's he formed a trust and a board to oversee the ministry. He continued directing it until the Lord took him home.

Rick Barker took leadership of the ministry and in 1990 incorporated MEC as a nonprofit agency. Saul Selby was on the board and when Rick moved to Florida, Saul was asked to lead in 1992. Because he was working at a full time job and could not oversee it in the same manner as before, the Lord directed him to get volunteers to come and help.

Word spread that MEC was an interdenominational, scripture based ministry sharing the love of Christ in jails and we started to grow. Volunteers would call wanting to help and program directors were open to having volunteers meet the religious need of inmates. As we matched pieces and prayed for the Lord's direction, church services were begun by those that could volunteer one time a month and Bible studies were started with those who could go weekly.

Karen Selby was hired part time in the office in 1998, became Director of Volunteers in 2001 and became full time Associate Director in 2005.

Others who have come along aside volunteering their time in the office are as follows:

Employees who have been part-time office administration:

Others who worked briefly for pay in the office are:

As MEC has grown from 5-8 services to 80-90 a week we have watched the Lord provide opportunities and laborers to this, one of His fields. We also have intercessors and strong opportunity for intercession for your community.