Is Jesus calling you to minister in jail?

"I was in prison, and you came to Me." Matthew 25:36

MEC is a non-denominational evangelical ministry which has been sharing "the gospel" in jails since 1983. We have established a relationship with the correctional systems (jails) in Anoka, Chisago, Hennepin, Hubbard, Pine, Polk, Ramsey, Roseau, Scott, and Washington Counties, along with some private jails. In these facilities we provide worship services, Bible studies, individual Christian counseling, and outreach activities through the efforts of a variety of different "Bible believing" local church groups and dedicated volunteers. Parenting, Anger Resolution and Victory over Addictions classes are options in some jails. We minister to males, females, adults and juveniles. Before release we try to direct them into a local church. In many jails we are able to provide general resources and in two of them we have a direct reentry program.

A Few Testimonies from 2017

2017 MEC Prayer & Praises

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2016 Year-end Review & Praises

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MEC's Five-fold Mission

  1. To preach the Gospel to those in corrections
  2. To disciple those in Corrections who have received Christ
  3. To assist released inmates find Christian fellowship in their home community
  4. To provide ministry opportunities for local churches and believers to share the gospel in corrections.
  5. To provide inmates with Bibles.

What Can You Do?

The Impact of MEC

The gospel became more real to me when I saw what people's lives were like that did not know Christ. No short amount of words can describe praying with an inmate when they find they have 15 years of prison ahead, a parent is ill or has died while they are incarcerated, or that they will be losing their children.

The following comments reflect Christ’s work here:

Pray for us, to walk worthy of the calling, with lowliness, gentleness, longsuffering, love, unity and peace. (Eph. 4 1-3)

Saul and Karen